New York City, better known as the concrete jungle, a city that is well know for its large buildings and dazzling lights. What most may not realize is that NYC also comes with beautiful greenery, totaling about 28,000 acres of municipal park land. The largest of all the parks being Pelham Bay Park, NYC is home to well-known park such as Central Park, and very publicized Bryant Park that host large events such as New York Fashion Week. NYC city parks are not only for beautiful scenery, they are used to host over 1200 free events throughout the year. With over 20 city parks in each borough, there is more than enough space for New Yorkers to enjoy. 

New York City parks offer its goers much more that just a beautiful place to sit and people watch, they tend to give you a little of everything. Parks such as Theodore Roosevelt Park is home to the American Museum of Natural History, Central Park which is the epicenter of Manhattan leads you the famous 5th Ave, Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park (Roosevelt Island) gives a dose history like no other. Home to the historic Smallpox hospital and celebrates the Four Freedoms from his 1941 State of the Union address. There are some parks that are strategically placed around NYC that seem like their sole purpose is to give New Yorkers a moment just to stop and smell the roses. City Hall Park would be the prime example of a place to relax amongst the busy bustle of the city, its located directly in the middle of Manhattans Civic Center.  For the park goer that may be all about daily physical activity, NYC has flourished them with parks like Denny Ferrell Riverbank State Park, although built on top of a sewage treatment facility on the Hudson River, it is home to an indoor/ outdoor skating rink, state of the art gym, a large beautiful garden, a track for runners and much more.

Mine Kill State Park

There are three entities that manage the parks of New York City, Federal, State and Municipal. Federal, US National Parks Service, is responsible for parks that are home to many of the national monuments such as the Status of Liberty (Liberty Island).  State, New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, is responsible for over 74 parks that welcome more that 20 million visitors yearly, parks like Gantry Plaza State Park (Queens), Roberto Clemente State Park (Bronx) are examples of parks that are ran by the state. Municipal, responsible for park like Flushing Meadows- Corona Park in Queens, Staten Island Greenbelt in Staten Island, producing daily and special activities in the parks.   

As time progresses NYC will continue to expand, with more than 1700 parks and playgrounds across the city, the concrete jungle is also the mecca of relaxation and recreational activities.  NYC maintains a great relationship with both public and private entities in order to ensure that are able to keep all of its allotted park land in pristine condition for its millions a visitors.

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